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CD · the island · First edition



The Island is David’s first album as a composer. He is inspired by the somewhat lonely life he experiences as a pianist, the loneliness and lack of company when he travels to perform in distant countries, the isolation he experiences from the many hours of daily practice and the distance felt when he is away from his family. David is very typically Spanish, in terms of kinship, the family plays a very important role in his life; He is a romantic and his compositions are an expression of the dreams and stories he creates. “Unlike many other piano virtuosos, Gomez rejects dramatic gestures on the keyboard, while calmly allowing his music to weave a poetic spell. He believes that music is not just a sequence of melodic sounds, but must tell a story , and as a musical narrator, there may be few or none like him. ” David Gellman, ‘The Star’ Malaysia.

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  1. Growing in Andalusia 2:40
  2. The Lighthouse 3:55
  3. Sixteen Years Old 3:55
  4. The Granfather 2:54
  5. The Train 4:01
  6. My Home 3:40
  7. The Blue Heart 3:22
  8. Child 2:57
  9. The Island 3:57
  10. The Kiss 3:01
  11. My Piano 7:02
  12. Idem 3:34
  13. Goodbye 1:46

All tracks composed by David Gómez
Produced & Mixed by Joe Dworniak
Sound Engineer Matt Kemp
Mastered by Poppy Weinberger for Riverfish Mastering
Piano Recorded at Riverfish Studio. Penzance, Cornwall
String Quartet & Accordion recorded at Wendy House, London
The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Riverfish Records Ltd


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