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Digital · A Letter From Mars



A Letter from Mars (Blue Spiral Records), his latest studio album and seventh in his discography, is an album made up of 10 ethereal pieces that invite us to embark on an interstellar journey into the unknown. His music guides us through delicate minimalist sounds, from an experimental and contemporary approach, to transport us to a new emotional dimension. An immersive experience that aims to elevate us, stripping us of the weight of gravity, and making us feel deeply moved.

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1. A letter from Mars
2. A Martian in New York
3. On any Planet but here
4. Live in another Life
5. Gravity
6. Spacewoman
7. The Door to the Stars
8. Thousands of pianos floating on the moon
9. Between Jupiter and Saturn
10. Welcome to Nüwa

Piano_ David Gómez
Cello_ Álvaro Peregrina
Violin_Carlota Coll
Orchestra_ Budapest Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Joan Martorell

All tracks composed by David Gómez
Arranged, Produced and Mixed by Joe Dworniak
Mastered by Poppy Weinberger for Riverfish Mastering
Blue Spiral Records Label
Art Work by Martín Acosta
Management by Fiorella Russo (


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